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From the expression of love to the foundation of a relationship and the creation of memories, jewelry has always been an integral part of our lives. At Glass Skye Jewelry, we ensure that you have access to the finest of the jewelry pieces when you create lifetime memories.

Whether you love to adorn trendy jewelry pieces or searching for the best gemstone jewelry online USA, we feel pride in being the one-stop-shop for your diverse jewelry requirements.

About US

Thank you for visiting my page! A lil about me:

Welcome to Glass Skye Jewelry. I am Bridgitte, and I am the designer of the unique collections featured in this online gallery. I currently reside in Eastern Pennsylvania, but I was born and raised in Central New Jersey.

My jewelry is handmade with near-obsessive amounts of love & attention, and is presented to absolutely delight the receiver. The perfect gift for a loved one, or for yourself. Read More…



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Glass Skye Jewelery

Glass Skye Jewelery is one of those online Jewelery galleries that you would like to hop on. Showcasing several intricate jewels, this online gallery never fails to impress the passionate Jewelery lovers.

We flaunt the fact that we use some of the most unique and enticing stones and crystals in the collection to give it the look of a luxury collection.

There are several statements in which you can find gold, silver, copper, and Murano as well. All these are the stones and crystals that the designer chooses herself from nature and bring in the Jewelery pieces.

We as designers are very fond of working with products that are made out of glass. The Skye Glass Jewelery has a spirit of elegance that you need to stand out of crowd. Our shiny jewels enhance your personality way ahead of time and embody you with a matchless class.

Jewelery Design Handmade

The plus point is that all the Jewelery showcased in our gallery is handmade and it can be the best idea to present these statements to your loved ones as a gift.

Since the statements that the designer is selling in her gallery are handmade, it needs utmost attention and care to handle these.

The crafting, idea, and creativity reflect the professionalism that Glass Skye Jewelery holds in Jewelery design handmade with love.

All the Jewelery collections hold a unique design and style that really can complement a woman’s whole look.

Without these jewels, a woman is incomplete. These jewels are different in terms of their designs and unique stones that you might not be able to grab in the local stores.

Since our designer is fond of nature, that is where the idea came to our mind to choose those stones and crystals from nature and inculcate them in the beautiful wearable jewel pieces.

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