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Herkimer Diamond Necklace * Single herkimer necklace * Dainty Herkimer Necklace * April Birthstone * Rough Gemstone * Raw Stone *


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Single herkimer necklace * Dainty Herkimer Necklace * April Birthstone * Herkimer Diamond Necklace * Rough Gemstone * Raw Stone *

A Herkimer diamond is a unique, double-terminated type of quartz first discovered in Herkimer County, New York. It is not actually a diamond but it naturally forms multiple facets on its surface which give off tons of light. A Herkimer diamond crystal is a naturally colorless to gray crystal, often with black inclusions. Each Herkimer Diamond crystal is entirely unique, generally measuring approximately 1/2 inch long. The photos show the natural variation in the crystals, which can be close to clear to lightly smoky all the way to heavily marked with beautiful black inclusions (note: none of the crystals I have are completely clear). Choose your necklace length from the drop-down menu.

Magnificent works of nature, found in the rock, having a diamond-like geometrical shape. Thus the name of “Herkimer Diamonds”.

•Each stone is one of a kind. They feature mostly colorless or tiny black inclusions.

Herkimer Diamonds, along with diamonds and clear quartz, are a birthstone of April.

Delicate, minimal, everyday necklace featuring petite, yet gorgeous, Genuine Herkimer Quartz Crystal suspended from elegant 16″ Sterling Silver Roll Chainwith lobster clasp enclosure. Simple and subtle by itself, but also makes a great layering necklace. Nice gift idea for April birthday Lady 🙂
More details :
– High quality USA or Italian made chain and components
– Genuine Herkimer Quartz Crystals, approx. 10mm. They’re called “diamonds” not only because of their clarity, but also because when they are found, they look like someone faceted them—but they are naturally “faceted” with double termination points (pointed at each end).

Waxy organic material along with quartz sand and pyrite was encased in rock made of dolomite and calcite. As sediment buried the rock and temperatures rose, crystals grew very slowly, resulting in quartz crystals of exceptional clarity.
– Choose the finish and the length of the chain from the drop down menu options.

— All of the designs in my shop are handmade by me in my Pennsylvania studio.

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