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India Agate Necklace * Healing Stone Necklace * Protection Jewelry


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India Agate Necklace * Healing Stone Necklace * Protection Jewelry

Indian Agate

Stone of Eternity
Reveals Inner Beauty and Wisdom
Release Old Emotions
Peace and Tranquility
Increases Strength and Willpower
Sparks Creativity

Known as the stone of eternity, Indian Agate, brings comfort to the idea of growing old with ever growing inner beauty, wisdom, and gratitude for all that is and will be.

It displays a wide range of colors, including black, yellow, pink, red, gray, white, and brown – and based on this fact your stone can be any one if these color ways!

It has long inspired humankind because of this, and the remarkable way in which no two pieces of Agate – even of the same color, even cut from the same original rock – are never truly alike only adds to the mystique.

No two pieces will ever be the same – your necklace will be beautiful no matter what range of color the stone is 💗💎

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Necklace Lenth

16 Inches, 18 Inches, 20 Inches


Sterling Silver, Gold Filled, Silver Filled


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